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PT MK88 started with its co-founder Justinus Tan‘s profound expertise in thermal and acoustic insulation, built on years of hands-on experience in the industry.

After graduating in 1998 from Mobile Electronic Toronto, Canada – a school specialising in automobile’s electro, acoustic and insulation, Justinus devoted years to learn everything about automotive insulation. Automobile thermal and acoustic insulation tend to require advanced insulation systems due to the higher noise level and the higher temperature experienced in the passenger cabins, which are fairly close to the engine compartments. Justinus successfully designed and developed a range of car insulation products that aim at resolving these issues. The products are marketed under the brand Checkmat, which is now one of the acclaimed car insulation products in Indonesia.

Later Justinus found that building insulation methods and techniques are actually not much different to automobile insulation. Intrigued, Justinus turned his attention to learning and experimenting with different materials and application techniques specific to building standards. After long hours of experimentations and learning from scientific approach, Justinus mastered the production technique to produce quality building heat and sound insulation products.

Extending Justinus’s expertise, PT MK88 rapidly grows as a building insulation producer. Our company’s strength lies on our extensive knowledge on material specification and usage. And having full knowledge and experience in the insulation business means we are able to provide the best and most economical solutions for our customers’ insulation needs.

Since we first started, we have grown and expanded our business from product retailer (B2C) to product distribution (B2B). Since 2010 we have been manufacturing and distributing:

  1. Heat and Sound Insulations Products
  2. Building Material & Accessories
  3. Packaging and Industrial Material Supply

We offer high quality products, most competitive price and prompt delivery time.

Target market                   : local and international

Our production capacity : 1,000,000 m2/month

We welcomed any inquiries from building projects, insulation product resellers and OEM resellers. Please direct your inquiries to our online marketing staff or email us.



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