R&D and Report of Analysis

Research and Development

One of our biggest advantage lies in our R&D division, our scientific approach nets the best results.

With our wide knowledge and understanding of raw materials, and our proficiency in processing them in order to get the most effective heat insulating material in the market, as well as the most efficient technique of application allows us to provide you with the most optimal solution to meet your insulation needs.

Our R&D team invest a great deal in the state of the art measuring and gauging technology, so that you will have the greatest value for your invested money on the building insulation.


Now we reveal to you our R&D secret to bring you the best heat and sound insulation product.

From top left around the clockwise :

Emissivity checking device, the lowest the emissivities value the less amount of heat energy absorb by the material.

Pure aluminium foil is known for its lower emissivity value, BUT if the aluminium foil is mistreated, the emissivity will rise even higher than well treated metalizing film !!

The metalizing film Optical Density (OD) checking device, to make sure the metalizing OD from our metalizing film vendor always meet our production standard.

Heat Spectrum Video Camera to analyse objectively in real time which materials and methods will bring the best insulation result.

While others using digital thermometer device to measure single point from the object.

We use Heat Spectrum Camera to observe the whole object temperature differ, not even a spot will be missed !!

Sound Spectrum Analyser this is an advance sound and noise analysing tools of a professional sound engineer.

Water Vapour on material to measure the vapour value which penetrate the film on certain of time.

Tensile Strength Test Machine
Tensile Strength Test


Most of our insulation materials are made by our in-house manufacturing machines.

The Process of making woven laminating insulation

Yarn Making Machine
Yarn Making Machine

1. Extrusion : the film are extruded and cooled before slitting

2. Film slitting : the film is slitted into small yarn

Yarn Making Machine
Yarn Making Machine

3. Yarn stretching : the yarns are stretched to meet its optimum strength, the yarns are periodically weighted and measured to ensure the yarns denier are within target.

Yarn winding machine
Yarn winding machine

4. Yarn winding : the yarns are flat wound

Fabric Weaving Machines
Fabric Weaving Machines






5. Looming Machine : the flat wound yarns are loomed into woven fabric, the looming process is closely monitored to ensure the fabric woven is flat and within its target weight.

6. Flat woven fabric is slitted into desired width and laminated : the laminated fabric is weighted periodically to ensure the final products are within the target weight.

Fabric Laminating Machine
Fabric Laminating Machine


Foil Coating Laminating Machine
Foil Coating Laminating Machine








7. Rewinding : the laminated fabric is rewinded into the desired length. At this stage we check the products to make sure there is no imperfections such as wrinkles, uneven surface and other defects.

8. Packaging: All the products that pass our rigorous Quality Control are then packed and labelled for delivery.


The packaging making process :

1. Plastic Packaging are blown and adjusted to the desired width

2. Printing : the packaging bag are printed

3. Cut and sealed

Plastic sheet and bag making machine
Bag machine


Advance insulation machine


Foam machine



Metal roof laminating machine

Our in-house production line assure you the highest quality and the most competitive price.

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